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Noise > Environmental > Statutory/Noise Nuisance 1 Mainly UK content

This section deals with noise abatement notices and noise nuisance issues; it will primarily be of interest to those within the jurisdiction of the Statutory Legislation of England and Wales and to a lesser extent those of Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The laws of physics may be universally applicable, the laws of England are not.  An explanation of The Noise Act 1996 which gives local authorities powers to act quickly against nighttime domestic noise can be found elsewhere.  Also see our section on funding a legal case.

If you are a resident affected by a noise nuisance, for example noisy neighbours or a factory, the government has issued a leaflet to explain your options entitled "Bothered by Noise?" more information is available from the National Society for Clean Air's site (select "noise").  You can also read the information neighbour and other nuisance on the compact law site (type "noise" into search box) or a new site. A detailed explanation of statutory nuisance follows.

The following advice is general in nature, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use  of this site before proceeding. swiss replica watches In particular you must consult the full text of all decisions and legislation referred to Place reliance on the full text only and not the following summaries.

Please note that more detailed information can be found in "Law of Statutory Nuisances" by David Ormandy published by Chadwick House Group Ltd. in May 1997, amongst other publications.

Given the complexity, cost and length of most common law actions, nuisance actions are most commonly taken under statutory legislation - Part III of The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The list of nuisances includes noise, vibration, smell, premises in such a state as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance, and others.  In addition the definition of "noise" includes "vibration" and the definition of "premises" includes "land".

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