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Deborah Bond
NoiseNet Ltd
Waterbrow Wood
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Please e-mail from our form but please note

  • NoiseNet is NOT an anti-noise organisation and therefore will not necessarily answer requests for assistance.  The Noise Abatement Society may help.

  • Before emailing, please look for free information on this site using site search.

  • If you are seeking paid for advice, please consult the directory.

Aims and Objectives
NoiseNet was set up in early 2000 by Mel Kenyon  as a fast resource for noise and vibration information.  NoiseNet is not an anti-noise (or pro noise) organisation or lobby body.  We hope eventually to be a commercial directory.  The content initially relates mainly to the UK; although there is much of international relevance.  In future we hope to develop specific US and European content.  The site is aimed at those affected by noise and vibration,Replica Chopard Watches as well as those who create noise and vibration, and those who deal professionally with noise and vibration.  Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Commercial Opportunities
This site will be commercial; therefore, if you wish to upgrade your entry on the directory please visit the upgrade page.  In addition it will be possible to place appropriate banner ads on various pages; again contact us for details.

Company Details
The Ltd is owned and operated from the UK.  We would prefer it if any queries are dealt with by e-mail but if you wish to use "normal" modes of communication,Replica Vacheron Constantin Patrimony the Technical Adviser, Mel Kenyon, can answer any (most) queries.

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home directory ProInfo noise vibration contact

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